Let’s Talk Lockn’ 2014

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This will be my first trip to the already legendary Lockn’ Festival at Oak Ridge Farm in Arrington, VA. It’s only been around for one year but the festival definitely has a special place in many hearts. I’m excited to step out of my comfort zone and dive into the world of jam bands. (I’m the one who freaks out about all of the EDM/pop/hip-hop stuff at festivals, which I will still be doing…don’t worry.) But I have been testing the waters for a couple of years now. I will not miss an Umphrey’s set at a festival or in my home town (unless it’s up against Bassnectar or Childish Gambino) and I have even seen Phish and The Allman Brothers outside of a festival. Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 3.23.35 PM

The weather looks relatively mild. Definitely a chance of rain over the weekend but hopefully no performance-canceling storms! It even looks like it won’t get too cold at night. I’m still going to advise being prepared with rain jackets, boots and a sweat shirt. Fleece onesies advised for optimum comfiness, as always.

The festival is still extremely new, so expect some speed bumps here and there. Last year, there were issues with parking but hopefully those have been resolved. The sight has been moved around, again hopefully to improve the general logistics of the festival. Here’s a map outlining the traffic for the fest. Fingers crossed this will eliminate the 8 hour wait in line. 10669378_538131462953792_3356642235955879561_o10533908_524389184328020_6594629894429601868_o

Here’s what happened last year https://www.festivalsurvivalguide.com/surviving-lockn-2013
Purchase tickets: http://www.locknfestival.com/tickets.html
Camping options: http://www.locknfestival.com/camping-tickets.html
Lineup: **no overlapping sets!!!!!**

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    Interesting blog. What was your favorite band? Song? Moment? Have any problems?

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